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Benefits of Being Member
Become a part of the community of Hindu Americans of Bhutanese roots working towards preserving our Dharmic (religious) and Cultural heritage
Play an integral part to forward Hindu Spiritual Tradition by education oneself on the practices or sharing your existing age-old knowledge and wisdom
Receive an extra privilege, access, and opportunities in any program organized by GBHO periodically
Gain the right to vote to elect GBHO officials and potentially lead the GBHO in the future
Enjoy free/partial/paid participation in national, regional, or international conferences as and when it is available
Be apart of the communication theme to expand the work of GBHO and communicate its successes and lessons learned to a broader audience
Enjoy the opportunities for networking with other like-minded organizations and individuals and use the networking for personal and professional enrichment
Enjoy the benefits of various resources offered by GBHO like kids & adults yoga & meditation classes, Gita classes, musical classes and summer Dharmic/Religious Retreat camps
Be part of GBHO by connecting to materialize our long-term goals of establishing OM Center, a retirement center for the members of the community and beyond
Help promote the mission and vision of GBHO and support our community efforts to create a happy, prosperous and thriving community
Receive goodies like a yearly calendar and souvenirs, and be the first to be contacted for paid opportunities or unpaid volunteerism
Receive priority to publish books, articles and periodicals in the GBHO publication series
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