The mission of Global Bhutanese Hindu Organization is to provide a common platform to the Hindu Bhutanese/Nepali diaspora to work together towards preservation and promotion of Vedic Sanatan Dharma through intellectual, spiritual, linguistic and cultural activities by upholding values of dignity, mutual respect and unity among diverse communities. 


Global Bhutanese Hindu Organization seeks to empower the Hindu Bhutanese/Nepali Diaspora through commitment and active engagement of all members in the community in social, religious, cultural, linguistic and spiritual programs and initiatives. 

Core Values

We commit to serve the people of Bhutanese/Nepali origin and others living in the US and abroad in the quest to preserve, develop and promote the Sanatan Dharma.
We support the people of Hindu faith and all people in need.
We promote the holistic approach of Yoga/ Community Based Group Therapy for the spiritual wellness and well-being of the community.
We facilitate resolutions for conflicting issues related to Hindu rituals, practices and traditions.
We promote Sanskrit and Nepali languages to our future generations in the continuation of teachings of the Sanatan Dharma.
We champion for peace, happiness, religious tolerance, harmony and prosperity among Bhutanese/Nepali diaspora and local communities.
We comply with the rules, regulations and guidelines defined for not-for-profit organizations by the Local, State and Federal laws.


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