The Global Bhutanese Hindu Organization has been conducting various programs for the religious and spiritual welfare of Bhutanese/Nepali community in exile. The organization, in collaboration with the Institute of Jeevan Vigyan in Kathmandu Nepal, is conducting training on life-sustaining spiritual and yoga-related formulas and practices. The 2nd step of the program in this series is 'Divya Samvaad'. The schedule is 3/23/2021. The training of DIVYA Samvaad Sadhana will be conducted by LP Bhanu Sharma and Ramesh Nepal, the founders of the Life Science Academy and life development experts, as a distance-learning camp through Zoom. In this program, full time participants will be given the opportunity to participate in the Divine Dialogue after 108 days of self-realization. The science of self-communication or self-talk or the science of communicating with oneself is a conscious focus of mental energy to achieve spiritual, physical, and mental clarity towards attainment of our goals and dreams. Once we are able to keep our minds free of distractions, negativity, and resistance, we can achieve great feats in all areas of life. It builds resilience and mental muscle so that we achieve a higher sense of self-realization for peace, happiness, and prosperity. According to psychologists, about 60,000 thoughts enter our mind every 24 hours. It is these thoughts that push our minds and emotions in multiple and contradictory directions. Thoughts that come to our minds in uncontrolled ways not only push us into psychological problems, they also become the main cause of our stress, fatigue, illness, failure, and negativity. Many people have reported benefits of physical and emotional wellbeing including curing insomnia, diabetes, and host of other physical issues through a regular practice of Divya Samvaad Kriya. Divya-talk is a suitable and extremely useful program capsule designed for modern people living a busy life. For those who want to build a conscious mind and a radiant consciousness, this program will inspire them to reach personal, spiritual, and professional heights through various experiments including meditation. Synthesizing the discoveries of spirituality, psychology and leadership sciences, the program will bring participants to a source of knowledge and happiness. Self-communication practice is conducted in an interactive and experimental style at the rate of one hour and thirty minutes per class. This includes specific types of yoga practice, pranayama and meditation exercises. A schedule of exercises will be provided to learn the necessary skills to pave the way for lifelong health, happiness, and peace. It will include special homework and thought-provoking activities. It helps them to reflect on the lives of the participants, to understand the spiritual truths and to be able to refine their lives and practice. The program is highly structured and well designed by spiritual masters LP Bhanu Sharma and Ramesh Nepal and is conducted over Zoom due to Pandemic. This program has been brought to you by the Global Bhutanese Hindu Organization.



विश्व भूटानी हिन्दू संगठन र जीवन विज्ञान प्रतिष्ठान अमेरिकाद्वारा संयुक्तरूपमा संचालित योग-ध्यान साधना शिविरमा यहाँहरू सबैलाई हार्दिक स्वागत छ ! EVERY MORNING - प्रत्येक दिन बिहान TIME: 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM (USA EST).