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Our Mission

To provide a common platform to the Hindu Bhutanese/Nepali diaspora to work together towards preservation and promotion of Vedic Sanatan Dharma through intellectual, spiritual, linguistic and cultural activities by upholding values of dignity, mutual respect and unity among diverse communities.

Our Vision

Realizing the potential of Hindu Bhutanese/Nepali diaspora through active participation and engagement of all the members in the community in social, religious, cultural, linguistic and spiritual activities.

Core Value

Serving the people of Bhutanese/Nepali origin and others living in the US and abroad in the quest to preserve, develop and promote the Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

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Your generosity through sponsorship can change children's lives by providing them with food, education, medical care & opportunity.


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Provide hope by sending upstream guru to spread the gospel of Ram krishna throughout world.


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